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    Amber Cicchillo

    Why can I not update the players family or edit the players on my team. The only thing it lets me do is delete them and start all over. IT's very frustrating and ive never had this issue before. 

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    Skye Bellantoni

    Same issue. 

    1) Will not let me Edit (Team) using app. I have to "Get a roster Setup link" sent to my PC and edit from there (Hopefully). People do change there phone numbers every now and then. Should not be this difficult to do a fast edit on an individual player. I can only (Add new Player).

    2) Going to game Date from Events Tab. It says (View Starting Line-up) It should be saying (Set Starting Line-up). I am forced to delete the whole thing or click (Score Game) Tab and edit from there. Basically (View starting Line-up and actual game roster will not match for that game.)

    **Note: Other scheduled games do say (Set starting Line-up). But its not 100%.

    Sorry for negative view point but going to Team Settings basically has no usage what-so-ever for editing purposes. What is available there has no priority at all.

    Ill use the app and see how it goes. But they made things to difficult for no reason. Theirs zero tutorials on the net. 90% of videos I find are all company advertising and zero support.

    "Keep things Simple you're trying to hard to make things difficult."


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