Adding Players and Parents




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    Josh Evans

    The following restriction does not make sense for youth sports - often times the manager or team parent is asked to add another parent/guardian to an account. It would be simpler if the admin/staff level had this ability instead of instructing each person individually. 

    "If a player does not have an active account or an active parent attached to their profile, Team Staff will be able to add parents as needed. However, once a player or parent has accepted the invite to create an account on GameChanger Team Manager, only the player, parent, or guardian can add additional parents."

    NOTE: team admins do have this ability in other GameChanger products.

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    Steve Wales
    OK, come on, you guys have to figure this out. I am both the head coach of a team and a parent of one of the players. So I need to edit the contact info for MY CHILD, but I can't. The app says that a parent must edit the info because they've registered the app. YES, I am the parent who registered. Is the app unable to determine that I am both the coach and parent and let me edit my child's info? I can't add another parent contact, so therefore even they can't edit my child's info
    TeamSnap does not have this problem. Oh, and we can't edit schedules on the web, can't access anyting  on the web, can't import schedules ourselves or from Blue Sombrero. Yikes.
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    Cris Mace

    I coach a lot of teams thru parks and rec. We are only given parent/child name and phone numbers, no emails. Is there a work around on sending team invites without email address?

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